What Even IS You Big Dumb Idiot?

You Big Dumb Idiot is an irreverent informational podcast hosted by Andrew Schiver and Lindsey Gates-Markel. Each episode features a guest who appears as an “expert” on their topic of choice, no matter how big or small, seemingly boring or totally weird.

You Big Dumb Idiot is recorded in beautiful Urbana, Ilinois, in The Little Red Recovery Room and is sponsored by heavenly angels Pizza M and Sleepy Creek Vineyards.

About the Idiots


Andrew Schiver (@dietmountandrew) was born and raised in rural Illinois. Then he left, because that place is terrible. Now, he works a job and records a podcast. His interests include: cardigans, celebrity memoirs, Diet Mountain Dew, and feeding the homeless (to sharks).

Lindsey Gates-Markel (@LGatesMarkel) was born in 1983. She’s a writer and a member of the Celebration Company at the Station Theatre, where she recently played Hamlet (in 2012, but you’d still be milking it, too). She’s not as funny as Andrew, but the YBDI domain is registered in her name, so she’s not sweating it or anything.